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What are we going to ask from you?

Once you have made your choice for which package you would like to purchase we will ask you to signup. During the signup we will be asking for your name, email address and a password.

Your name is just to personalise your experience with us, this could be a nickname of yours if you do not wish to give your real name.
Your email will be used for your login details along with your password and also for any contact we may need to communicate with you.
Your password will be encrypted and then stored against your email for security to login to your account area.


Keyword Positions does not use cookies on the website, however we do work with Google Analytics and other companies like Twitter/Facebook and others which will use cookies to track visitors and stats. None of the cookies used on this website are dangerous or useful to any third party or suspected attacker.

Cookies for Analytics

We use a number of analytic tools on the web which tell us how people use keyword positions. These analytic cookies will be used to see how often people visit the site, how long for, which pages and other analytic data. We will then use this information collected to improve the site for you.

Cookies from social sites

Social sites will use cookies from their own sites, they can't read our cookies and we can't read theirs. These cookies are usually used to know if you're logged in and where you are. What you use for Facebook or Twitter is between you and them, we can't see anything you do and they can't see what your doing on our site.

Is my information protected and secure?

The only information we will be holding from you is your name you provided and your email/password used for logging in to your account. Your password is encrypted and stored as an encryted password in our database so nobody who has access to any of our information will be able to know what password you have set.

When you purchase your account from us, we do not handle any of the payments and nobody working for keyword positions will ask for bank details from you. All the purchase information will be delt with via PayPal® using their secure systems.